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Latest Podcasts

Episode 84: Paradigm Shift

As we move from work to retirement, we experience a paradigm shift. Suddenly, we're moving from wealth accumulation to income distribution. Matt explains.

Episode #83: Advising Is Problem-Solving

Many people think of financial advisors as money managers. In reality, advising is problem-solving. Matt gives examples of some of the puzzles he's worked.

Episode #82: Soda Taxes And Fire

Soda taxes are causing folks in Seattle to rethink their purchases, and a new movement is helping millennials to retire early. Matt Explains. 

Episode #81: Matt’s Planning Process Part 02

People ask us what our retirement planning process looks like. Join us for part two of our series detailing one couple's journey through retirement.

Episode #80: Matt’s Planning Process Part 01

People ask us what our retirement planning process looks like. Join us on a two-part series as we detail one couple's seven year journey through retirement.

Episode # 79: Mailbag – Self-Directed IRAs & The Landlord Game

We'll answer your questions and determine whether you should get into the landlord game. We'll also examine whether you should open a self-directed IRA.

Episode #78: Maggie’s Story

We're dropping "Money" from the show today and calling it Smart Questions. Matt shares Maggie's story about his wife's life-altering trip to the hospital.

Episode #77: If Only I’d Met You Sooner!

Matt tells us about times clients have said they wish they'd met him sooner. He'll detail how doing so could've spared them a major headache. 

Episode #76: How The New Tax Code Affects Me

We've talked for months about the tax code changes. Join us as we outline how these changes will affect your personal finances.